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How To: Successfully Workout When You Don't Really Feel Like It

September 18, 2016


It's Sunday. I'm baking pumpkin muffins. There is laundry to be done. I can SMELL dinner cooking in the slow cooker. A nap sounds great.


So WHY am I chugging preworkout (when I don't want to) and getting ready to workout? My goals are bigger than my excuses. I know, I say that a lot. So what do I really mean when I say that? I mean that I don't ever want to feel the way I did before I started my journey again. Maybe you haven't started consistently working out yet, or maybe you have, but think of a time that you were extremely inactive and ate like crap. I am sure you felt bloated, tired, uncomfortable in your own skin, and generally unhappy with yourself. THAT feeling is worth me getting off my lazy butt. So here are my fool proof steps for successfully working out when you really don't want to!


Step One:

Find yourself an accountability buddy. This is someone you can complain to when you bomb your workout, when you absolutely crush leg day, when your boss is driving you nuts, or like today when I really don't want to workout. I share my successes and failures, my daily struggles, and basically my whole life. Having a team* behind you, constantly rooting you on and cheering for you every step of the way helps me to stay on track and reach my ultimate goals. 


Step Two: 

Find a workout you actually ENJOY. Whether that is riding a bike, boxing (my fave!), running, crossfit, going to the gym, playing basketball, or swimming, you have to enjoy it. Think about gym class in middle school or high school, you probably didn't enjoy what you were doing all the time. Personally? Dodgeball days were my favorite. Basketball? You could find me sitting on the sidelines pretending I had a hurt ankle. That mentality doesn't change throughout your life. Test things out, find what you like, and stick to it!


Step Three:

Come up with a damn good reason WHY you want to workout on a consistent basis. Whether it is to lose weight, become more athletic, fight a heart disease gene, or inspire someone else, you have to have a reason why you want to get off your bum daily and get moving. Personally? I wanted to lose weight, prevent diabetes and heart disease, and be able to hike through the woods without losing my breath. 


Step Four:

GO DO IT. I am your personal cheerleader here. I am the Nike commercial you see on TV. Sometimes when all else fails, you have to JUST DO IT. Thanks Nike for coming up with that catchy slogan to get me going! 


Working out daily is hard, but so is being unhappy and uncomfortable with yourself. You have to choose your hard. So what is it going to be?






*Want to be part of our accountability team and fitness family? Fill out this form, I would love to chat about your goals and challenges!




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