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How To: Ignore What the Scale Says

September 22, 2016

Ahhhhh the lovely bathroom scale. We probably all have one. It becomes an obsession, stepping on it multiple times a day trying to see if we've lost weight yet. We let the scale control so more much than our pull of gravity on the earth, but our overall self esteem. WHY do we let it control us so much? Here are my three reasons I think we let it control us: 


  1. Society places so much pressure on us to look "normal" and weigh a certain amount. What exactly is normal? We are all unique, have different body types, and will all weigh different amounts even if we are the same height. 

  2. We measure our success in numbers. How much money we make, how big of a house we have, and how much we weigh. The less we weigh, the more successful we think we are.

  3. It's the fastest and easiest way to see if we are making progress. We have become a society of instant gratification, and the number changing on the scale changes more rapidly than our outward appearance seems to.

Here is the best advice you will ever receive about the scale. Hide it. Throw it away. Give it away. TAKE PICTURES. A lot of times there are a ton of different factors involved as to why the number on the scale doesn't go down. Hormones, body water content, and time of day can all control our weight. I tested my theory one day and I gained four pounds from the morning to the evening. Why? Exercise, water intake, and food intake. If you are going to weigh yourself, make sure it's first thing in the morning. It will be most accurate!


I want YOU to focus on how you feel, not what the scale says. Take a look at the pictures below. Five years and 13 pounds difference, yet the clothes fit the same. After having moved {again} I decided to clean out my closet. The same day, the picture on the left showed up in my TimeHop. Just for fun, I tried on the shirt and shorts I was wearing for my first KDay at Michigan Tech. The shocking part is they fit the exact same way as they did when I was 18, but I weigh quite a bit more now. The biggest difference is that now I feel better than I did when I weighed less. I eat better and exercise daily, rather than eat pizza daily and my exercise coming from running from one party to the next. Your scale can't reflect how you feel and how healthy you actually are. Remember, if you are the same size yet have more muscle content than fat content, you will weigh more. Muscle > fat anyways.


Ditch the scale. Take pictures. Think about how great you feel when you are healthier. The scale cannot control you. 💕





*Need help ditching the scale and want help getting healthy? Fill out this form so I can help you reach your goals!

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