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December 8, 2016

Being healthy is more than just working out and eating your veggies. Sure, we all know that exercise and eating right is important to our health, and it makes us feel good! When I'm lazy and don't eat right, you can bet I feel different. Being healthy DOES NOT mean you are your skinniest, lowest weight, or fit in the smallest dress size. 


Healthy is MORE than that.


Think about the last time you were genuinely happy. I'm talking busting your gut laughing, smile breaking your face in two happy. I can picture this moment in my mind, and it makes me smile. Justin and I were driving to go visit friends, singing along to the radio like the weirdos we are, and I was dancing my butt off.....all while waiting at a stop light in Clare. He even looked at me and asked if I was okay, I was laughing that hard. I was more than okay. I was purely, genuinely enjoying that moment without thinking about anything else. (Follow that by a famous Cops And Donuts sprinkle donut, and it was a damn good day!)


Think about the last time you felt loved. I mean, heart overflowing, full of warm butterflies loved. This moment is brought to you by one of my dogs (Sorry Justin). Gunner. Oh Gunner. He is a sweetheart. Heck, he is a soul melter. Everyone who comes into contact with this dog LOVES HIM and wants to take him home. Lucky for me, I get to go home to his cuddly face every day. This past weekend, I caught the flu bug. I'm talking fever, chills, and not leaving the bathroom. My sweet old boy joined me in the bathroom, laying down next to me and not moving a muscle until I did. (He also waits for me to get out of the shower, and sometimes even joins me when I'm going to the bathroom. He's weird.) That, my friends, is love.


Think about the last time you felt confident. I'm talking, I could conquer the mother freaking world confident. Mine happened today. If you didn't know, I am currently enrolled in trucking school! I need to get my CDL for my job with the DNR, so they sent me off to truck driving school to get the most experience. Granted, I am the only girl in a class of eleven. That doesn't bother me, its about what it was like to go to school in the UP! Before this class I had never driven a stick shift vehicle, let alone a semi truck. Today, I drove the semi out on the main roads, AND was told I am one of the best drivers in the class. TAKE THAT my insecurities about driving such a large vehicle.


Happy. Loved. Confident. I want you to sit down and think about the last time you felt those three things. Was it more than a few days ago? If it wasn't for the flu, I'm sure mine would all have happened even more recently. If it was more than a few days ago, ask yourself WHY.


Being healthy is not only about taking care of your body, but also taking care of your soul. Read a good book, indulge in a cupcake, take a walk in the woods. Do more of what makes you happy, remove more negativity from your life. Life is too damn short to be anything but true to YOU. 


"Everything you are looking for exists, right there inside you." - I Am That Girl 

Now go out there, and get freakin healthy. 







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I have a love/hate relationship with cardio, don't always have motivation to workout, love donuts, and struggle to eat all my veggies. Sound like you? Good! You're not alone. If you are going to fail, fail forward. <3

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