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January 24, 2017

As many of you know by now, we picked up {another} puppy Friday night! Boone is an almost 8 week old beagle puppy. Yes I named my dog after Daniel Boone (National Forest). I'm a tree girl, it happens. If you know anything about beagles, it's that they looooove to bark. We can't exactly train him not to, as we want him to bark for rabbit hunting. So for now, he's barking for almost everything. Potty, hungry, thirsty, play time, tired, you name it.

What happens when the puppy barks? The other puppy (Mesa is 9 months old, still a puppy), gets wound up. He has realized Boone is much smaller than him, and that he can't play rough with him. Well, Mesa gets wound, then Sitka gets going, and Gunner is just laying their judging everyone and trying to sleep. The littlest one hasn't figured out that the bigger boys will steal his toys, and that Gunner doesn't like his tail pulled. I would keep going, but I think you get my point.

Let's add in Peter. Oh my grumpy little pig. He screams for food, attention, potty, love, anger, you name it. He could easily compete with a pack of beagles for volume. He hasn't been introduced to Boone yet, since he still isn't a huge fan of Mesa. He's getting better, but would rather sit in the old dudes corner with Gunner and ignore everyone else. 

Feeding time is a full blown frenzy. Hurry up and feed Pete so he shuts up. Keep Mesa out of Boone's bowl, then Gunner's bowl, finally he's at his own bowl. Sitka is chowing down before anyone even notices he's gone. Gunner just lays down and accepts that everyone else eats from his bowl first. Boone just wants to play and eat the big boys food, which makes Mesa growl at him (puppy vs puppy probs). Throw kibble on the floor because that's more appealing than a bowl to Boone. Sidestep the giant tidal pool of water on the floor. Don't step on anyone's tails. 

Lastly, the boyfriend. I like to refer to him as the zookeeper or crazy nut who wanted four dogs and let's me keep my pig (they still have a love/hate relationship with each other). Somehow, he manages to wrangle every dog into the right spot, keep Boone from peeing on the floor, break up toy arguments, all while I'm attempting to get my workout in. 

Life in our house is a nuthouse. It's a constant "WHAT ARE YOU EATING NOW" to "Awe they are finally all sleeping!" Mesa kicks me in the face at night, Gunner doesn't understand not to take up my feet space, and Sitka just wants to spoon. Boone, well he's crying in his kennel. Peter is sleeping like a champ, which makes it obvious he's my pig. 

Our life is full of wagging tails and wet tongues, and I wouldn't change it for a second. 

I forgot, there's also 25 pigeons (that started laying eggs) in the barn and feeder pigs in the summer. Have you ever seen the meme where it goes "I get good grades so I can get a good job to support my dogs?" That is in fact, our life. 

Stay tuned for adventures in the dog house....





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