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5 Tips to a Healthier YOU

September 25, 2017

After a year and a half of being on this journey, I have come to realize a few things that have effected my life so positively, I absolutely have to share them with you. Now these aren't your typical eat more veggies and move more often tips, these will help lead to a healthier mind and all around being a happier human being. So buckle up buttercup, I am about to get real with you.


1) Trim the FAT

This doesn't mean eat less fat, or focus on losing fat off your body, this means trimming the fat from your life. This phrase comes from my favorite podcast (check it out here). You know those tasks, those people, the things you have to do that drain on you mentally soooo much that you dread everything about it? That when you talk to this person, or have to be around them, it drags your whole day down? Everyone has someone that pops into their mind when you hear this. Ever since I started removing extremely negative people from my life (now I'm not saying be mega rude here, just go your own ways), I have  found my mental space to be so much more focused and clear. Not only that, but the lack of complaining and negativity has made me a much more positive person. Winner winner chicken dinner!


2) Do MORE of What Makes YOU Happy


This one is short and sweet. You know that hobby that you LOVE, but don't really take the time for as much as you should? Or that new yoga studio you wanted to try but don't want to go alone? If it makes you happy, do it. Make time for it. Instead of making excuses why you can't, find every reason to focus half an hour of your day on what makes you happy.


3) Read a Good Book 

Before I started my health and fitness journey, I laughed at the concept of personal development books. Why did I need that, I thought. There was nothing wrong with me, I was totally fine. Those type of books are for crazy people. Oh my how I was wrong. Personal development books make me think, long and hard, about how I have been treating myself and letting others treat me. I love them so freaking much because I have been forced to look long and hard at my life, and how I can positively improve whatever aspect my current book focuses on. My current read? Grace, Not Perfection. I highly recommend it if you feel like your life is speeding by and you just can't keep up. 


4)If You Want the Donut, Eat the Damn Donut

So often, we get so wrapped up in what we can and can't eat in this crash diet or that crazy idea that we deprive ourselves of everything and anything we think might sabotage our idea of a perfect body. For periods of time, staying away from your vices (mine obviously being donuts) is okay! It's okay to challenge yourself, to strive to beat your cravings. What isn't okay is cutting out your favorite foods forevaaaa because you think someone out there is telling you that it is bad for you, that you can't (we will get to this point in tip 5). I'm not saying give into cravings daily, but heck, every so often just EAT THE DAMN DONUT. I promise, eating your favorite foods might not always be good for your waistline, but its good for your soul. 


5) Change the Way You Talk to YOU

This little gold nugget is the very last thing I want to talk about. Today, I was listening to my favorite podcast (as mentioned above) and I literally ran around my house trying to find Justin SCREAMING that my virtual fit club needed listen to what I was listening to. Why? It was a talk alllllll about the cheat meal mentality. Basically, it boils down to this. For so long, so many of us have been wrapped up in the diet craze, the meal plan craze, the this worked for me craze. I'll admit, I follow the portion plan from 21 Day Fix, and it WORKS for a lot of people......but I have had girls it doesn't work for and that is A-OKAY. Life is not a one fits all mold, but it is a really good introduction to clean eating, and every single person knows more about fueling their body after trying it, and that makes me happy. We get stuck in this idea that we have to be perfect to be successful, we have to stick to some unrealistic diet, or a plan that may be too constricting to us personally. This is where how you talk to yourself comes in. Being trapped in such strict rules and guidelines, often our favorite meals and foods become things we CAN'T have. If you attend a work function, suddenly you can't have that celebratory cake. What about the margaritas at happy hour with friends? Everything is "oh sorry, my diet won't allow me to eat that." Shut the front door. I don't know about you, but as soon as you tell me I CAN'T have something, it is literally the only thing I can think about. Like get in my belly you giant chocolate bar of happiness. 


This is where we need to change how we talk to ourselves. In the past two weeks, I have realized that it's not about what I can't have, but rather what I choose NOT to have. Every time Justin buys {another} thing of cookie dough, I tell myself I choose not to eat this raw cookie dough (our weakness, don't judge), because I do not feel good when my body is loaded down with sugar. I choose not to drink this margarita because alcohol and high sugar concentrations give me a headache and make me feel lethargic. What about that work function? I choose not to munch on chips and eat waffles loaded in syrup (this one actually happened, the waffles part) because high amounts of grains make my stomach hurt and leave me bloated. You absolutely do not have to rationalize why you are choosing not to do something with other people, but if they ask, it's pretty dang simple. I am choosing not to (eat, drink, do this activity) because it does not make me feel good. Boom. Simple as that. See how much kinder you sound to yourself too? Be nice to yourself, your body hears everything your mind thinks. 




There ya go folks, my top five tips to living a healthier life. Like I said, none of this has to do with eating more veggies or moving more....but make sure you do that too! If you have any tips that have helped you live a happier and healthier life, I would love if you would leave them in the comments below so we can all grow and become better humans together. 


Until next time......









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