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Why I Don't Make Resolutions

January 2, 2018

Day 1 of 365. The day when most people have a list of resolutions for the new year. Whether it's to lose weight, explore more, do more, see more, whatever it might be.....we have all done it. This will be the first year in my life I DON'T make a resolution for the New Year. And honestly? That feels so freeing to me.


I am not one to believe that I have to wait for a Monday, the start of a month, or new year to start something new or make a big change. Heck, I decided to jump all in on my health on a Friday afternoon while Justin was at work. To me, most people make resolutions and completely and epically fail to follow through with them. Why does this happen? Resolutions do not have any steps to achieving them, there is no plan as to what you will do, it is just a grand idea that you hope to accomplish. This year, instead of making New Year's resolutions, I am making 2018 goals.


Goals vs. resolutions, what's the big difference? Like I said, resolutions don't have any plan or steps on how to accomplish said resolution, while goals do. Goals require lots of thought, time, and effort into planning how you are going to achieve them. I've spent hours thinking of what I want my 2018 goals to be, and now I will plan how to achieve these goals. The biggest help I have found when achieving goals is to be able to visualize them, each and every day. A vision board, or pictures on your cell phone lock screen, something you will see every single day to help motivate you and remind you of these goals, and to keep pushing forward. Write down the exact steps you plan to take to achieve these goals, and go over them weekly to ensure you are staying on the right path. At the end of each month, evaluate how you are progressing towards your goals and what you can do to better achieve them. 


So you are probably thinking, what are my big goals for the year? I want to live my healthiest year yet, I want to pay of debt and live more money stress free, I want to start saving for a new vehicle, I want to travel out of state on another fire assignment, and I want to spend more time hunting with my dogs. It might seem small, or silly, but living with high amounts of student loan debt has caused me serious amounts of stress, and I have allowed that stress to seep into other areas of my life. 2018 is a year to focus on YOU and what you can do to make your life everything you have dreamed possible. Make big goals, come up with a plan to reach them, and make 2018 YOUR year. 



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