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My Top Five For the New Year

January 6, 2019

Every year, people make resolutions and goals when the New Year hits. Personally, I think its a great time to reevaluate and reset, and decide what you want from the upcoming year. For me, I am focusing on self care, self improvement, growing our savings account, and taking time to develop some of my hobbies. This means more time running my dogs, more time reading, more time caring for my health, more time preparing us for a happy future. I figured I would share my top five self care products for 2019!


1) Drink More Water

I have made this a goal every year as long as I can remember. My problem stems from the amount of water I need to carry while at work, since I don't have the ability to fill up on a bottle in the woods. Insert this awesome gallon water bottle that helps keep you on track to drink more during the day, has motivational sayings on the side, AND has enough to keep you plenty hydrated even if you can't get to a drinking fountain.


2) Be Zen as F***

This journal is not only adorable, but makes you reflect on how freaking awesome your life really is. I'm not normally a woo woo person, but this journal is different. It's not only full of no bullshit quotes, it has cute pictures of unicorns and narwhals. I'm a huge fan of that!


3) Give. Up. Starbucks.

This might sound silly to you, but I was drinking A LOT of coffee from Starbucks and the gas station towards the end of 2018. I was burning myself out by not eating the right type of food, putting myself second, and binging on Starbucks lattes. That's a lot of sugar I don't need to be consuming either. This dairy free creamer is my substitute for creamy lattes, and it has zero added sugar. It's just enough to feel like a latte, but no guilt. Want to make your coffee extra dreamy? Check out Leelenau Coffee Roasters, they are my FAVE.


4) Save More Money

For me, saving money in simple ways is HUGE. Justin makes fun of me because I clip all the coupons, have every cash back app, and religiously plan our meals around whats on sale. For us, the first place we go for groceries is Aldi. If you have one near you, check it out! A lot of larger grocery chains have phone apps that have coupons, but don't purchase things you don't need JUST because there is a coupon! It takes some practice, but planning your meals so ingredients overlap helps as well. Our grocery bill is about 30-40 dollars a week cheaper just by doing this. My favorite cash back apps include Ibotta, Dosh, Ebates. 


5) Adventure More, Worry Less

This year we are going on a cruise (first time for both of us), to Philly to see Justin's little sister get married, and hopefully to Michigan's Upper Peninsula for another weekend of camping. I'm also heading back to Indy with some girlfriends, and can't miss my yearly trip to New York to visit friends. Traveling brings me crazy anxiety levels because of my animals at home, the money I am spending, and the time away from work. This year, I want to enjoy my adventures and travel MORE, and worry less. 


Those are my top five things I am working on in 2019, along with hunting more, running my beagles more, fishing more, working out daily, and feeding my body both nutritious foods AND soul food. A new year tends to bring on resolutions, but for me it allows me to reflect on the previous year and all of its amazing moments, and how this year can be even better. Whatever your goals or resolutions for 2019 are, I hope you live with intention and enjoy every moment! 







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My Top Five For the New Year

January 6, 2019

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