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Starting Over

April 5, 2019

Every time I go on vacation, give myself a few too many sour patch kids, and say one more beer won't hurt....I'm not guilty. I'm not guilty of being anything other than HUMAN. I like donuts, and pina coladas, and pizza. I also love working out, eating healthy foods, and feeling GREAT about myself. So when I go on vacation? When I go a little overboard? No, I don't start over. I don't have another day one. I have another DAY.


Girlfriend, there is so many quick fixes, crash diets, and magazine articles about getting back on track. Summer is coming up right? Our social media feeds are about to be flooded with posts about getting abs in ten minutes, new diets to try, and other things that make ridiculous claims on how to get skinny before Memorial Day. It absolutely hurts my heart to see these things, because I know people are going to try them and they cause more harm than anything else. They create a horrible relationship with food, unrealistic expectations about how much weight you can lose in as little as a week, and honestly can just confuse you when you don't know anything better. It's HARD to sift through all of the mumbo jumbo out there on Pinterest, you haphazardly piece together a plan of how to get healthier and lose weight, and you have no idea what's working because your plan is really a mix of random things. How do I know this? Girlfriend, I've been there. 


Once you make the choice to START, you are never going to have to start over. You might hit bumps in the road, you might take a detour, and you might pause. Everyone says they have to start over, that they fell off the wagon, that they failed. YOU DID NOT FAIL. You simply lived your life in a different direction for a little while. You and only you have the power to choose the path that your life is on, so stop putting words of self doubt and failure into your vocabulary. You do not need to start over, you simply need to choose to start and stay the path. 


I believe in you girl, I believe in me, I believe in the power of us. 






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My name is Sarah and I live in Northern Michigan with my boyfriend, our fur pups, and my pet mini pig. I enjoy hunting, hiking, fly fishing, cooking, reading, crocheting, adventuring, and cuddling my pooches. I am on a journey to become my happiest and healthiest self, and am working to inspire others with my journey. 

I have a love/hate relationship with cardio, don't always have motivation to workout, love donuts, and struggle to eat all my veggies. Sound like you? Good! You're not alone. If you are going to fail, fail forward. <3

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Every time I go on vacation, give myself a few too many sour patch kids, and say one more beer won't hurt....I'm not guilty. I'm not guilty of being a...

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January 2, 2019

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Just a small town girl who loves her dogs, cooking, hunting, and fitness. 

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